Info on Arrival and Prevention Measures


  1. Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  2. Radio Taiwan International Multilingual Coverage of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Reminders for arrival / flights

  1. Entry program for overseas students (promulgated on 2021/8/21)
  2. Nationwide epidemic alert to remain at Level 2 from August 24 to September 6 (promulgated on 2021/8/21)
  3. Prevention measures for key high-risk countries (promulgated on 2021/7/16)
  4. CECC imposes entry restrictions and quarantine measures for non-R.O.C. nationals starting from January 1, 2021, and tightens quarantine measures for travelers coming to Taiwan starting on January 15, 2021 (promulgated on 2020/12/30)
  5. CECC measures for following up on persons at risk of infection (updated on 2020/4/21)

Prevention survey

  1. FJCU Self-Health Management Platform: All students and staff are required to fill in the daily health status form. If there is a recent personal travel history (from January 20), it is also necessary to report.

Prevention measures at FJCU

  1. New COVID-19 Prevention Measures (updated on 2021/5/13)
  2. AY2020-2021 Prevention Measures on campus (promulgated on 2020/9/15)
  3. FJCU Workflow for Staff and Students with Fever or Suspected COVID-19 Infection (promulgated on 2020/3/12)
  4. Info on prevention measures

Prevention measures in Taiwan

  1. How to buy surgical masks
  2. Best practices during COVID-19
  3. The step you take back is the best joint defense
  4. Practice social distancing while shopping
  5. CECC campaign leaflet
  6. Toll-free epidemic monitoring hotline: 1922 (or 0800 001 922)