Steps and Timelines

1. FJCU and partner institution sign a Student Exchange Agreement
For details, please go to the website of the Academic Exchange Center. (Click 'English' on the upper-right corner for the English version)

2. FJCU emails the forms we require to the partner institution  
Fall exchange: forms sent in the preceding February
Spring exchange: forms sent in the preceding July

3. The partner institution emails the Nomination Form along with required documents to FJCU 
Fall exchange: before April 30
Spring exchange: before September 30

4. FJCU reviews applications
Fall exchange: May
Spring exchange: October

5. FJCU emails the list of students admitted for exchange to the partner institution 
Fall exchange: June
Spring exchange: November

6. Exchange student emails required documents to FJCU 

7. FJCU emails the Acceptance Letter to the partner institution

8. Exchange student completes everything necessary for study in Taiwan
e.g. Visa, plane tickets, accommodation, etc.

9. FJCU informs exchange student of dormitory assignment
Fall exchange: late August
Spring exchange: early February

10. Exchange student arrives at FJCU, checks-in, registers for courses, and attends classes
* Please refer to the course syllabus for the actual teaching and exam dates.
Fall exchange: early September - early January (Fall 2023 classes: 9/11 - 12/30; Self-study week: 1/1 - 1/13)
Spring exchange: late February - late June (Spring 2024 classes: 2/26 - 6/17; Self-study week: 6/18 - 6/29)

11. FJCU emails exchange student's academic transcripts to their home institution
Fall exchange: mid-March
Spring exchange: late August

Agreements: Academic Exchange Center
Admissions: Christine TSAI +886 2 2905 6376
Student Guidance: Agnes CHANG +886 2 2905 2944